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House Sitting

Pet friends provide a well respected house sitting service for caring pet owners in and around Sheffield.

This service is the ideal answer to all of your pets care, plus the security of your home, for the times when you are away.

With all of your pets staying in their own home environment their disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. They enjoy round the clock care and their normal daily routines are maintained. Your home is cared for, cleaned and kept secure, your plants are watered, your post sorted and any important messages can be forwarded to you.

For owners with several pets this service can work out much cheaper than traditional kennels and catteries.

Pet Boarding Services

Have you ever worried about your dog whilst you were away on holiday or business? Have you ever felt guilty leaving your best friend in boarding kennels? If so you will be pleased to know that Pet Friends was formed, back in 1987 to cater for caring dog owners like yourself.

It is a fact that conventional boarding methods can prove to be very stressful for many pets! A dog that is used to lots of love and attention from its owners will find being caged up alone in a noisy environment with little human company for most of the day very upsetting. We believe that a dog is part of the family and should travel with their owners whenever possible. However this is often impractical or impossible, and this is when Pet Friends can provide an ideal alternative.

With Pet Friends your dog will be cared for in a loving family home. They will receive virtually twenty four hour attention and be treated exactly as they would at home. They will get exercised as normal be fed their normal diet at the usual time, be groomed when needed, sleep in their normal place and generally get all the love attention that they are used to.

Pet Taxi/Veterinary Ambulance

Safe and comfortable transport for pets and owners Vets, Groomers, Kennels, Holidays, House Moves or whatever your pet transport needs.

Advance notified fees, inclusive of waiting times.

Pets may travel without their owners when necessary

For a friendly experienced and reliable service whatever your requirements call PET FRIENDS.

Transporting pets in South Yorkshire since 1987.

Pet Friends


Here at Pet Friends we don't just believe that your pet is your family, we treat them like they're one of our own family.